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Double Square Group, as investor, has started, in cooperation with the leading real estate agency Jones Lang LaSalle a campaign for the rental of the first vault rooms of the unique large capacity depository – Park Berne. The first part of depository with the total area of 930 square meters contains vault rooms of different groundplans and size with four different security levels.The depository represents a unique project combining the latest knowledge in buildings design and construction, top technologies and highly qualified and trained personnel. The core of the depositary is situated safely several meters below the surface and provides spacious premises developed for storage of objects with the highest safety priority. The size of the stored items is not an issue: it is possible to store items of the smallest sizes as well as large art collections, data archives or even the whole cars. The depository is able to respond to almost any specific requirement of every client as the strategy of Double Square Group is based on reliability, flexibility and individual approach to every client. Due to the unique construction of the building which is designed to resist even the natural disasters, the rooms with different stored content and level of security can adjoin with each other without influencing the safety level of the whole object or endangering stored items in adjoining vaults.


For further details, please contact us via email or on the phone number +420 270 005 025.

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